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                                Affiliate Marketing And Google Adsense

What Is Google Adsense?

As its name suggests, it is a Google product which is absolutely free. Adsense was created in 2003 and today it has emerged as the world’s largest advertising provider network. A broker can also call Adsense as it works between the advertiser and the publisher of the advertisement. The world’s website that makes money from advertisements. 95% of those websites have Adsense ads. When a person clicks on the advertisement of Google Adsense, then Google earns. They own 45 percent of the earned money and give the remaining 55 percent to the website owner.
Merits Of Google Adsense
• You get money according to PPC (Pay Per Click) The more clicks, the more money you will get.
• It also gets money for impressions.
• Once setup after Adsense Account Approve, it automatically shows ads on your site.
• Your earnings will depend on your traffic. That is, the more traffic, the more clicks and the more money.
• Its earnings are received directly in the bank.
Demerits Of Google Adsense
• Approval of Adsense does not match with easily. He has a long broad list of Terms & Conditions.
• It is managed by Google alone.
• Account can be disabled (Suspend) on more clicks.
• Cannot edit Ad Codes.
• Cannot click on your own ads.
• Google does not allow Adsense to place ads with Adsense along with other advertisers like Chitika.
• Its ads can be placed only on blogs or websites.
• Advertisements spoil the look of the blog. Due to which the reader has difficulty in reading the post.
• Sometimes Adsense becomes disabled even without reason.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Promoting other company’s products on your blog gets some commission. The money earned in this way is called Affiliate Marketing.
In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is a way in which a person promotes his blog or website or in some other way, similar to any other company and in return that company or organization gives some commission to that person.
These products can be anything like Web Hosting, Cloths, Mobiles etc. and the commissions of different companies in the market are also different, which can range from 5% to 80%.

Merits Of Affiliate Marketing
• It is very easy to join any affiliate program.
• You can decide for your company according to your own needs.
• In case of Recurring Income, you keep getting money without doing any work for years.
• You can use many Affiliate Programs simultaneously.
• To earn more money, you do not read the need of thousands of visitors every day.
• Affiliate programs like web hosting can earn from 1000 rupees to 15,000 rupees by just getting a sale.
• You can earn good money by targeting good traffic with Affiliate Marketing on a new blog.
• In Affiliate Marketing, you do not run the risk of Account Ban by Invalid Click.
• You can take its earnings through Paypal, Check or directly in the bank.

Demerits Of Affiliate Marketing
• In this, you will get a commission on getting the product sold and not on the click.
• To earn money, you have to know how to sell the product.
• It is important to have Trusted Audience and Targeted Traffic.
• To transform your readers into customers, you should know the best Affiliate Products.
How Does Affiliate Marketing Work
To do affiliate marketing, you first have to join the affiliate program. On the internet, you get a lot of affiliate programs, join the affiliate program that you want to sell.
After this, you have to generate a link to that product to sell any product available on that website. And then he has to promote online and when clicking on that link, he buys a product, then you get commission. Just like a salesman is given incentive i.e. commission on behalf of the company to sell a product, similarly affiliate marketing gets commission for selling a product. So if you have the skill to sell a product, then it is a good platform for you to earn money.
Affiliate Program
Which online website runs such a program. Which she commissions after promoting and selling any product of that website. These programs of those online websites are called affiliate programs. Such as amazon, flipkart, sanpdeal, clickbank, ebay, etc.
Affiliate Link
After joining the Affiliate Program, in order to sell a product, we have to generate a link to it. Which is called Affiliate Link.
Those who join these programs and earn commission by promoting the product of that website are called Affiliates.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Now the biggest question comes how to do affiliate marketing. Because for this you have to promote the product. Which he can reach as many people as possible and you can sell that product. So now we are going to tell you some ways that you can do affiliate marketing.

This is the best option for doing affiliate marketing. Many bloggers earn money by doing affiliate marketing. You can also start affiliate markting by creating your own blog.

• You can promote them by joining affiliate programs according to your blog.
• You can promote a product by writing a review.
• You can promote a product by recommending it to your blog viewers.
This is the second-best way to do affiliate marketing because today people like to watch Youtube after google. Where you get a lot of traffic, you can promote your product there.

• You can give the affiliate link description in the box that you use while making the video.
• You can make a video of a product to sell it.
• Can product recommended for youtube.
People who use smartphones definitely have whatsapp in their phones. So if you want, you can also do affiliate marketing using whatsapp.

• Affiliate program join.
• Form a group of people who like to buy online.
• Find the best deal coming online and share its affiliate link in whatsapp group.
You can also start affiliate marketing using twitter. You also get a lot of traffic here. If you have a good follower on your twitter, then you can promote the affiliate link of your product there.

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